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Cosmetic acupuncture rejuvenates your face:

Cosmetic Acupuncture Information:  

Cosmetic Acupuncture – tone, hydrate, diminish wrinkles...
Cosmetic acupuncture has been used for centuries in China starting from around the Sun Dynasty (960AD-1270AD) where the empress and emperor’s concubines used the technique to maintain their youthful looks.  Now the increasingly popular technique is regularly used by celebrities including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore! 

Cosmetic acupuncture is an excellent anti-ageing alternative to cosmetic surgery as it subtly enhances the natural beauty of facial features and skin; there is no potential of creating that unnatural look after surgery.  It is also less expensive and recovery time is not necessary.  There is no risk of side-effects/swelling/disfigurement or areas of “collapse” as chemicals let you down (although temporary slight bruising may occasionally occur).  It’s one of the strongest chemical free anti-ageing treatments available and unlike superficial beauty treatments it balances internal energy which helps to improve health and well-being!

Achievable results with cosmetic acupuncture:  
crows feet/fine lines are reduced or eliminated, deeper wrinkles diminished - wrinkle treatment generally produces the most dramatic results.

  • restores a more even, radiant, youthful complexion.
  • reduced sagging of facial muscles and skin.
  • diminished puffiness & dark circles around the eyes.
  • skin becomes moistened via increased local circulation of blood and lymph.
  • improved hormonal balance to help acne.
  • tighter abdominal skin after child-birth or weight-loss. 
  • reduced stress manifesting in the face & can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

How does cosmetic acupuncture work?
Cosmetic acupuncture aims to improve the body’s constitutional energy balance via Chinese medicine and also works locally.  Many of the signs of ageing are due to decreased circulation.  Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates local healing of the skin, the boost in circulation of blood & energy to the face helps to combat the ageing process.  This improved circulation causes an increase in collagen/elastin proteins moving to the facial skin to help rebuild connective tissue to improve skin elasticity. Together with improved cell regeneration at the skins surface, lines/wrinkles become softened and fill out.
In a 1996 study reported by the International Clinical Journal of Acupuncture 90% of the 300 patients reported improvements such as better complexion, diminished lines/wrinkles and feeling rejuvenated overall.  In addition many people reported other health benefits from cosmetic acupuncture such as improved digestion, decreased stress, less menstrual discomfort, fewer hot flushes and decreased acne breakouts.

Course of cosmetic acupuncture treatment?
Best results can be achieved within 6-12 sessions performed weekly or twice a week.  Clients respond differently according to their age and prior lifestyle however visible results should generally be noticed from around the 3rd session.  Maintenance sessions (once a month or every 3-4months according to the individuals requirements) can prolong the improvements for 3-5yrs.  Response to cosmetic acupuncture will vary depending on a patient’s age, general health and lifestyle eg: smokers and sun-worshippers would generally require more sessions to achieve results.






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cosmetic acupuncture in central london for facial beauty therapy and treatment


Cosmetic acupuncture, the natural alternative to botox injections, makes your skin fresh, smooth and rejuvenated.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment Options.
(cost depends on level of work required)

Acufacial (60mins):    Suitable to improve & maintain tone of muscles & skin, and those with few deeper wrinkles    
•    restores a more even, radiant complexion
•    firms sagging facial muscles, firms & hydrates the skin
•    reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
•    firming of the jowls
•    jade rollers to close pores, tighten & refresh the skin OR:
•    gua sha Japanese facial massage to improve skin tone and minimise fine lines.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (75mins):    Suitable for mature skin & anyone wishing to concentrate on wrinkle treatment & deeper firming of the cheek muscles/skin.      
•   Acufacial effects with more emphasis on wrinkle treatment
•   Crows feet are reduced
•   Deeper wrinkles/frown lines diminished
•   Fine lines/expression lines reduced or eliminated

Isolated problem area (45mins):                                                                        
•   Crows feet reduction or other isolated area of wrinkly skin OR;
•   Firm sagging skin at the neck, abdomen, jaw-line or cheeks OR;
•   Anti-Cellulite treatment


Who should Not have Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Cosmetic Acupuncture is contraindicated for patients who suffer from with bleeding or bruising disorders, dizziness, and for those regular migraine headaches. Cosmetic Acupuncture should not be performed during pregnancy, an allergic attack or during an acute herpes outbreak.

Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Hurt?

The needles used are hair fine and are like flexible thin wires rather than the hollow needles used for injections or blood samples, acupuncture causes much less discomfort than an injection!  Patients will usually experience a mild transient prick at the initial insertion but once the needles are in patients either do not feel them or experience a mild tingling as energy is stimulated by the needles.  Actually patients can feel very relaxed during the treatment.  There are techniques that can be employed to reduce any mild discomfort if required for extra sensitive patients.

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